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Hi all. is back up!  As before, this will remain online as an archive of the olden days.  The new site is more focused on art than just blogging.  Enjoy!

Art and Life by Dr Mo

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The Shudder Inside

Something funny has been happening a LOT lately.  I’ll be having a conversation and hear something … and I’ll have a massive internal shudder.

Not a heart attack, I swear.

It’s actually me fighting down the urge to say something. It’ll happen when someone says something embarrassing or brilliant, or if someone compliments, criticizes, or insults me.

In other words, in all the situations I used to say something, and frequently regret it, I’ve started staying silent.  The internal shudder is my sign to do so.  It’s my lizard brain trying to exert itself and decrease me credibility, influence, and character by just a little bit.

It’s also my sign to make eye contact.  I’m very bad at that, save for job interviews.  When the internal shudder hits, it means something and someone demands my attention.  Not an immediate response, but attention.

What about you?  Do you have a Shudder inside?  What does it mean?  Heartburn?


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Too Awesome To Share

How awesome does something have to be before you won’t share it?

Awesome restaurant … tell everyone you know.  Really awesome restaurant … your little secret.

See what I mean?

And, is this concept messed up?  Speak your peace.

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Ideas In This Order

Ideas are hot right now.  Lots of books.  Lots of blogs.  Lots of systems.  Lots of ideas.  About Ideas.

I’m an engineer, so I’m surrounded by ideas.  I’m also a minister (or sorts), a writer, and an editor.  So, again, no shortage of ideas. 

Want to know how to make your ideas count?  Ask three questions, in this order:

  1. CAN I do it?
  2. SHOULD I do it?
  3. MAY I do it?

The biggest mistake people make is asking permission to do something before they even know if they can do it.  The second biggest mistake is actually DOING something that they shouldn’t have done.

Ask those questions, in that order, and you’ll never drop the ball, bite off more than you can chew, or step on anyone’s toes.



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Too Much Stuff

The wife and #babychild have been out of town for a few days, so I’ve had some time to bond with the house.  I did some work outside, but today finally got down to tackling the piles of … stuff.

I’ve come to some realizations about stuff:

  • The answer isn’t more bins … it’s LESS STUFF.  I refuse to buy another shelf, drawer, basket, or bin until I jettison every unnecessary piece of stuff I have.
  • Some stuff is actually important.  But when you have too much stuff, the important things get lost.
  • I can’t function peacefully and efficiently if I feel like my stuff isn’t in order.
  • I am willing to spend some money to reduce my stuff.  No more bins to hold stuff, but maybe some tools to reduce it.
  • Jesus probably had no stuff.  Every piece of stuff I have is more than the Son of God required to save the world.  Hrumph.
  • When in doubt … throw it out.

Ok, back to the trenches.  What are your thoughts on stuff?  What have you spent good money on for reducing stuff?


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Kony Trouble

I hate to be a naysayer, which is why I haven’t posted this anywhere else, but the Kony2012 campaign has some interesting counter-points.  Many are eloquently outlined here:

The biggest one is that:

The group is in favour of direct military intervention, and their money supports the Ugandan government’s army and various other military forces (i.e. Sudan People’s Liberation Army).

Unfortunatey, both the Ugandan army and Sudan People’s Liberation Army are apparently known for rape, pillage, and, ironically, child armies.

So … yeah, there’s an interesting flip side.  I’m not financially involved with the campaign, but was interested to learn more about it.

[UPDATE: A flip side to the flip side]

Invisible Children responded to some of the concerns that have been raised.  Good information here too.

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I have learned this:

Assessing others accoring to your own sacrifices and passions is a recipe for disappointment.  I was shaped to do one thing; you were shaped to do another.

Don’t wait for those around you to catch your passion.  Instead, be passionate, and see who comes alongside you.



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